Are your customers happy?

Is it possible to know your customer's emotion in real-time? Today it is, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Wilson A.I. is helping businesses to understand their customer's emotions using the latest Computer Vision Anonymous Audience Analytics AI, businesses can measure their customers emotions, foot traffic count, dwell times, age range and gender in real-time. This demographic data can then be joined with existing data sets such as Point of Sale or CRM data to understand critical metrics such as in-store sales conversion, product range optimisation, store hot spots, dead zones and ultimately who is buying your products and who is not…

Facial Analysis, Biometrics, Crowd Analytics


Video analytics are the only way to really understand your customers behaviour and develop laser focused marketing strategies. Analyse the behaviour of buyers and non-buyers, study the purchase funnel at an individual SKU level.

Understand  your  customers foot traffic, demographics, behaviour, dwell times, emotions, visibility and effectiveness all at once.

Wilson A.I. helps you understand your business like never before. Real time, 24/7 insights that will change the way you reach & engage with your customers.

Know how your customers are emotionally responding to advertising, how long they look at a line of text and if they notice your message at all.

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