Humanising Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Wilson A.I. is helping companies to understand and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to solve complex business problems and optimise their business results

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Our Services


Artificial Intelligence in Business Process
  • Enhanced applications
  • Underwriting & pricing agility
  • Risk & fraud identification
  • Customer lapse/churn prediction

Artificial Intelligence in  Physical Locations 
  • Anonymous Video Behavioural Analytics
  • Predictive modelling
  • Advanced analytics
  • Cross sell & up sell models

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Acquisition

  • Innovative marketing automation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Biometric facial recognition & customer demographics
  • Customer loyalty & experience

Our Process

Wilson A.I. simple 3 step process takes the heavy lifting and risk out of turning your data into rich actionable business outcomes using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms. 

Data Scientist

Wilson A.I. embeds our data scientists into your business to harness and capture all of your various data sources, from enterprise level data, customer data (CRM), claims and risk data Our process of embedding our data scientists into your business overcomes the challenge of data being held is disparate locations and unstructured data sets. We cando the heavy lifting.

Data Analytics Customer

Wilson A.I. data transformation process begins with cleansing and structuring your data, we then develop a Proof of Concept (POC) before commencing the production process. Wilson A.I. then sets to work looking for the gold by either applying our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms or building custom algorithms to unlock the insights held deep within your data.

Machine Learning

Using the discovered insights held deep within your data, Wilson A.I. offer a variety of products and services so you can keep harnessing your data to increase your profits.

Custom built A.I. Algorithms specifically designed for your company.

Great analytics and algorithms

Understanding your customers better is just the start of your AI journey, leading AI companies can achieve significantly increased sales, reduce operating costs & optimise their core processes. 

Wilson A.I. increasing your profits by harnessing your data.


A recent survey of Australian insurance executives found that 57% believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will either significantly alter or completely transform the overall insurance industry in the next three years.

Accenture - How smarter technologies are transforming the insurance industry 2018

50-70% of tasks can be automated

Digitising moments of truth -Customer pain points in advice or claims can make or break customer relationships

McKinsey - Intelligent process automation, The engine at the core of the next operating model

Insurers expect AI to completely transform the way they run their businesses within the next three years.

75% of insurance companies plan to automate tasks & processes within 3 years. 

67% will adopt intelligent technologies to differentiate in the market. 

63% of insurers companies will be completely transformed by intelligent tech

Accenture - How smarter technologies are transforming the insurance industry 2018

Wilson A.I. can help your organisation leverage A.I. to maximise your business outcomes. 

Scott Wilson

Wilson A.I.

Data Futurology Podcast - Episode 31 with Scott Wilson - Founder & CEO Wilson A.I.

Our Story

Wilson A.I. increasing your profits by helping you harness your data.

Wilson AI is a specialist Artificial Intelligence (AI) company developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms across multiple industries. We utilise proprietary machine learning & neural network algorithms to solve complex business problems and optimise business results.

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